Crispy Mushroom Dippers


Fresh, chunky slices of large flat mushrooms, dipped in batter and coated in a home-style seasoned breadcrumb.

These flavoursome Dippers can be utilised in any foodservice outlet to create an exceptionally innovative appetizer, or main course accompaniment, which is effortless to prepare and sure to please.

A new variation on the breaded mushroom theme to keep your customers happy and refresh your menu.


Great as a starter, burger stacker, sharer or main course accompaniment.


Great plate coverage.

Suitable for vegetarian and nut allergy sufferers.


Deep fry from frozen at 180°C for 3 minutes.

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Product Detail

Innovate CodeProduct NamePack FormatPallet ConfigurationAvg Count (per bag)
PROCR801Crispy Dippers8 x 1kg10 per layer, 7 layers per pallet42

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